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[alternately, Insidious Corporatist Media, U.S.A.]

One Page Summary
Defining Media Bias
How the Liberal Media Myth is Created
Why the Liberal Media Myth Persists
1. Conservatives Let Out The truth
2. Conservative Books and Studies Alleging "Liberal Bias" 
3. Conservative Media Watch Orgs Alleging "Liberal Bias" 
4. Issues and Bias 
5. Pravda, U.S.A. 
Liars, Inc.
Alternative Media


This is the home page of a project to understand and illustrate the real nature of media bias in the United States. Click on the links on the left to browse the site. Note that the contents of this website may be updated continuously, as relevant information emerges.

At this time the following sections are not complete: "Defining Media Bias", Section 4.3. 

[I am blogging some of the learning from the research on this website at The Left Coaster]

6/1/05 [Permalink]
The Media's True Colors - Part 1

5/4/05 [Permalink]
Why the Liberal Media Myth Persists - the Series

4/19/05 [Permalink]
Review of BOOK CHAPTER: The chapter titled "The Mass Media and Voter Information" in the upcoming (as of 4/18/05) book "Analyzing Elections" by Rebecca Morton 

4/17/05 [Permalink]
How The Liberal Media Myth is Created - the Series


































































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